The Upside of Adjunct Making Peace with Not Getting Tenure

Written by Reference Video on November 25th, 2014. Posted in College job search, Faculty jobs, University faculty positions

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In the United States, around 2.9 million people are employed by higher education institutions, but not all of these folks are lucky enough to call themselves adjunct professors. Many have college coaching jobs, college admissions jobs or college counseling jobs. For some, being an adjunct is part of a longer scheme to be promoted to tenured professor. However, some are happy to be adjuncts for the long haul.

Adjuncts professor utilization has increased each year since 1980. An adjuncts lifestyle is characterized by flexibility but not necissarily high pay. Adjuncts can sometimes stand in place for a tenured professor so that there is more flexibility throughout an entire department. Education administration programs recommend that departments have some adjunct professors to keep moral