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Three Myths That Cause ER Overcrowding

Written by Reference Video on May 5th, 2014. Posted in 24 hour urgent care scottsdale, Find urgent care, Urgent care scottsdale

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Americans have glaring misconceptions about the emergency room. These misconceptions lead to ER crowding — and, ultimately, to inefficient or lackadaisical emergency care. A staggering number of Americans mistakenly believe the emergency room is convenient, or that hospitals and emergency rooms alone can treat semi-serious injuries, like sprains. These things simply aren’t true? What common myths are crowding U.S. emergency rooms and delaying care for the people who need it most?

Myth #1: The Emergency Room Is The Place To Go If Your Traditional Doctor is Closed

A general lack of knowledge is one of the largest contributors to emergency room overcrowding. Many Americans simply do not realize that there are viable alternatives to the emergency room when tradit