Five Great Reasons to Major in 3D Computer Animation

Written by Reference Video on August 6th, 2014. Posted in 3d computer animation, Arts colleges, Computer animation software

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Choosing to pursue a career in art is a great choice for anyone who loves using their creativity every day. But art is a huge field encompassing many different career paths — how do you know which is right for you?

If you’re still undecided about your art school major, you might want to consider all that a major in computer animation can do for you.

3D computer animation can be an incredibly rewarding, engaging major and career. For more proof, just check out these five reasons why you should major in computer animation programs:

1. Computer animation is versatile: Many people might think that a degree in 3D computer animation will just prepare them for working on animated films. And while this is true, there are a number of other great careers for computer animation graduates, including job