Three Tips For Finding Affordable Childcare

Written by Reference Video on October 1st, 2014. Posted in Corporate daycare, Employers with onsite childcare, How to choose a daycare center

Corporate daycare

Did you know that the cost of putting two children in childcare exceeds the median annual rent payments in every state? With nearly 11 million American kids under the age of five enrolled in some form of child care every week, this means that day care providers compose a fairly lucrative business. Unfortunately, this business is sustained at a parent’s expense: studies show that about 90% of childcare costs are assumed by moms and dads. If the price of day care is getting you down, consider these cost-effective tips for working parents. Can you save some money while choosing childcare that works for you and your family?

Consider Your Budget
This may seem like an obvious suggestion, but many parents are caught off guard by the sheer cost of most Continue Reading No Comments