Three Well Paying Entry Level Careers that Accept a Wide Range of Graduates

Written by Reference Video on September 24th, 2013. Posted in How do i find a job after college, Technology based learning, Toefl ibt practice

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The problem of unemployment for college grads is a growing one. Not only are about 12% unemployed, but about a quarter of a million Americans with a BA or higher are working at jobs for minimum wage pay or even less, according to The Wall Street Journal. if you are a recent college graduate or are soon to be one, you are probably wondering what your options are for entry level careers. Of course, the jobs available to you are somewhat dependent on your degree. That said, here are three top job opportunities that accept a reasonably wide range of different degrees and areas of study.

1. Teaching English as a Second Language

If you’ve ever wanted to live abroad, now might be the time, because worldwide there is a demand for native English speakers who can teach others to speak the la