Early Childhood Educators Advise Parents to Limit Television and Computer Access for Preschoolers

Written by Reference Video on May 23rd, 2016. Posted in Day care, Montgomery county pre kindergarten, Preschool program

Early learning

As educational experts across the United States continue to emphasize the positive educational gains available to children who participate in early learning programs, parents may wonder if they can keep pace with their little learners at home. Children who were born after 1990 remain something of an experimental generational cohort: they were the first American children to grow up with video games, computers, cell phones, texting, the internet, and they benefited from the widespread institution of early learning programs in many states.

Nowadays, it is commonplace for children to attend preschool education programs, but in the 1970s, children would typically stay home with their mother — or with another relative — until they started kindergarten. Only about 20% of all children under the age of five a

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Three Things To Look For In Child Care Centers

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Early learning programs

Finding the right child care is one of the most important tasks a working parent can undertake. Whether you’re looking for child care for a preschool-aged child, or after school care for an older kid — or for that matter both — whatever early learning program you choose is whether your child is going to be spending a good amount of their time. Child care isn’t about placing your child with a qualified person and letting them do what they want. It’s about ensuring that your child has, is well cared for, and most importantly, learns. This is where your child will be making his or her early friends, and learning important lessons for the future. So: what should you look for when choosing a child care center?