Having Trouble Meeting New Women After a Divorce?

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First Things First

No doubt about it, divorce can be devastating. Even if your split is amicable, there is still a lot to sort through. You’re probably grieving the loss of a life you built with someone else, as well as dealing with the legal and financial ramifications of the dissolution of your marriage. It may take a long while before you can even get to the point where you can consider dating again. The pain may be too raw, and it can be difficult to make yourself vulnerable again. You may feel scared to approach women, and in some cases you may even find yourself, especially on lonely nights, wanting your ex back. All of these feelings are normal.

Many men, following a split from their wives, may feel hopeless, as though there’s no point in trying. But there are other women out there, and it’s possible to meet them, date them, have fun with them, and eventually find one with whom you can build a new, lasting relationship.
Three Tips for Meeting New Women After a Divorce

  • Put Yourself out There
  • This tip is one that may feel very hard to implement. Sometimes divorced men don’t know where to meet singles, or how to meet a new woman. As tough as it may be to get dressed and hit the dating scene, it’s somewhat of a numbers game. If you’re not out there on the scene, you’re simply not going to meet women. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to hit up the singles bars every night, or take classes you’re not really interested in just to meet new people. You can dip a toe into the water by trying online dating. There’s less stress when you’re chatting with a woman from the comfort of your own living room, and you can take things nice and slow.

  • Value Yourself as an Individual
  • The pain and rejection that can follow a divorce may have you feeling like you’re not worthwhile, but try to maintain perspective. Just because it didn’t work out with your wife doesn’t mean you’re hopeless. Count up your strengths and assets; ask friends to tell you what they value most about your companionship.

  • Be Honest with Yourself

If you’re not ready for a relationship right away, that’s fine. It’s perfectly OK to meet some women, test out your dating skills, enjoy dinner and drinks with a variety of people, and even have fun being back on the scene. It’s also fine to take some time for yourself. When you’re ready to get serious with another woman, you’ll know when the time is right. Meeting new women after a divorce can wait. Don’t rush things, simply because your pride is hurt or your feel like you “should” be seeing someone. Be honest with what you want, and what you don’t — it will make getting those things, or avoiding them, all that much easier.

Meeting new women after a divorce may seem an insurmountable obstacle, especially when the pain is fresh. Yet many men have met the woman of their dreams, and you can too.
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