Studying Abroad Might Actually Make You Smarter

According to Time magazine, new studies suggest that studying abroad isn’t just a good life experience — it might actually be making you smarter. Research led by William Maddux, a professor of organizational behavior at INSEAD, discovered that there was a correlation between students who had “multicultural engagement,” and how “integratively complex” their thinking was. In other words: students who […]

Three Myths That Cause ER Overcrowding

Americans have glaring misconceptions about the emergency room. These misconceptions lead to ER crowding — and, ultimately, to inefficient or lackadaisical emergency care. A staggering number of Americans mistakenly believe the emergency room is convenient, or that hospitals and emergency rooms alone can treat semi-serious injuries, like sprains. These things simply aren’t true? What common myths are crowding U.S. emergency […]

How to Become a Tattoo Artist

After years of studying tattoos, you have decided to make your hobby a career. In order to get into a competitive field, look into tattoo training school. A tattoo training school can give you kind of knowledge you need to enjoy long-term success as an artist. Tattoo art school is the perfect way to stand out when trying to make […]

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