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What Should You Know About Dyslexia?

Written by Reference Video on September 25th, 2015. Posted in Challenges in reading, Schools for dyslexic children, Top boarding schools in america

Aspergers boarding school

Dyslexia, also known as specific reading disability, is a learning disorder in which a person has trouble reading, because it’s difficult for them to identify speech sounds, and learn how they relate to letters, and words. Here’s what you should know about it.

What Causes It? – Dyslexia has been linked to certain genes that control brain development, and it appears to be a genetic condition, as it’s been shown to run in families. These traits affect the parts of the brain that have to do with language, interfering with the ability to translate written letters into spoken language.

What Are the Symptoms of Dyslexia? – Recognizing the symptoms of specific reading disability can be difficult before they enter school, but there are indications early on. If t