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It Takes a Village

Written by Reference Video on June 20th, 2018. Posted in Best private schools, Choosing the right private school, Manassas christian school

The purpose of this campaign is simple: to spread kindness. The hashtag BeKind is an open invitation to the entire community, and the area schools look forward to seeing the power of the collective positive impact that can permeate the city!
Starting in August, every school district in and around the metro will be kicking off a community wide BeKind campaign. The Mayor’s Office, the Police Department, and the Fire Department are all involved. In fact, mayors throughout the midwest metropolitan area will be proclaiming Friday, August 24, 2018, as Be Kind Day. With the generous financial support of the area schools foundations, entire districts have been able to order t-shirts for every staff member and put many inspirational ideas into motion. Many schools, for instance, are creating unique ideas for students to participate in not only that week, but the entire month when classes are in session.

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