3 signs you need a new mattress protector

3 signs you need a new mattress protector


A mattress protector is a thick piece of quilted material used for various reasons. It sits on top of your mattress and is designed to keep it clean and make your nights more restful. Getting a good night’s rest should be near the top of your priority list. On average, we spend around two hours per night dreaming, according to the Sleep Foundation. You should ensure that your mattress topper is comfortable enough that you are getting the maximum amount of quality rest. If you need help determining when to get a new mattress topper, take a look at these three signs.

You’re Not Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

If you spend your nights tossing and turning, you might consider getting a new mattress topper. Your mattress topper should improve your rest throughout the night. You can find mattress toppers in a variety of different styles, so choose a mattress topper with a thickness that suits your needs to help you get better sleep every night.

There’s Visible Wear and Tear

Look for signs of wear and tear to help you to determine when it’s time to get a new mattress topper. When you change your sheets, check the seams for fraying or inspect them for excessive stains or other damage. If you notice any out-of-the-ordinary wear and tear, you should consider purchasing a new mattress protector. Something that gets nightly use is likely to wear out over time, so check for damage and replace your mattress topper when you notice wear and tear.

Your Child Has Night Time Accidents

If your child is having accidents almost every night, a new mattress topper might be the perfect way to keep their bed clean. Consider purchasing a waterproof mattress topper, as they are washable! When your child has an accident, you can simply wash it and put it back on their bed for a restful night of sleep.

A mattress topper can protect your mattress from damage and stains and make your bed more comfortable to sleep in. However, your mattress protector will likely need to be replaced eventually. You should replace your topper if there is visible wear and tear or if you notice your bed is not as comfortable as it once was. If you are considering purchasing a new mattress topper, reach out to our team today to hear about your options.

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