8 Steps to Test a Broken Water Heater

8 Steps to Test a Broken Water Heater


Is your water heater working properly? Your water heater may be old, or it may have been a victim of one of shoddy installation for hot water heater installs. Here’s how you check the problem. As a note, if your water heater isn’t warming up the water, there can only be two issues: The thermostat or the heating element.

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To check your water heater, you first need to turn off the breaker. This will keep you safe from electrical shock. Remove the covers at the reset button and press the red reset button. You should hear a ‘click’. Check the voltage of the thermostat with a voltage meter. Check the connections between the thermostats and elements. The element should read 12-13 ohms as the goal of the upper and lower elements.

If the wire continues tripping out, replace the upper and lower thermostats. Check for any burn spots or leaks around the water heater while you’re there. These can also indicate severe problems. Turn on the breaker and check the voltage. Adjust the thermostats: top to 120 and bottom to 122(slightly higher).

If you have issues with one element, and you have two elements: always replace both. After taking these steps, your water heater should be in working order once again. If this doesn’t seem to work, it never hurts to consult a local professional to see what their expertise can offer.


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