A Behind-the-Scenes Look at How Gravestones Are Made

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at How Gravestones Are Made


Gravestones, or headstones, are an important requirement for many families who want to give a loved one a fitting sendoff and something to be remembered by. They therefore take a lot of care and attention to be made well. The very first step to making them is a meeting between the family and a staff member or funeral director at the monument company of their choice.

After the meeting at which the order is received, the gravestone companies get to work preparing the custom layout of the gravestone using software. This design is then printed and used to mold the gravestone, which is generally made out of granite.

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The processes that follow this include etching out the design that’s required so that the design is three-dimensional. In the end, the results are a labor of love, with each piece having taken a substantial amount of time to complete.
Quality gravestones can last for centuries, effectively memorializing the people for whom they have been made and giving the families something to remember their loved ones by.

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