A Guide to Golf Cart Basics and Service

A Guide to Golf Cart Basics and Service


Golf carts have become really popular when it comes to modes of transportation, not just on the golf course but also in neighborhoods, resorts, and college campuses. If you already have a golf cart or are considering purchasing one, it’s essential to understand the basics of maintenance and service to keep it running smoothly.

First, you should know and understand the different types of golf carts available, such as gas or electric, four-seater or six-seater, and standard or lifted models. Your golf cart type will determine the type of service it needs and the maintenance schedule required.

Regular maintenance is crucial to keep your golf cart running efficiently. It includes cleaning the battery terminals, checking the tire pressure, and inspecting the brakes.

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Keeping the cart clean is also essential to prevent damage to the upholstery, paint, and mechanical components.

If your golf cart needs repair, you must take it to a certified technician. These professionals can diagnose the problem and recommend the appropriate solution, whether a simple repair or a replacement of parts.

When it comes to golf cart service, it’s also important to consider safety features. Street legal golf carts require additional features such as seat belts, mirrors, and turn signals to ensure they comply with traffic laws.

Understanding the basics of golf cart service and maintenance is essential to keep your cart running smoothly and ensure your safety while operating it.


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