A Reference Guide to Bail Bonds

A Reference Guide to Bail Bonds


People who are arrested have the right to a bail hearing. This is when a judge determines how much money they will need to put up in order to be sprung from jail so that they may begin to fight their case from the comfort of their own home. It is typical that these cases are ruled upon all throughout the night, and it is easy to see why people would be interested in bail bonds as a matter of getting themselves out of jail and back into their homes.

Bail bonds are granted by bail bonds companies that receive a fee for the service that they provide.

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Basically, the individual must put up 10% of the total bail that they need to come up with. Once they do that, then the company will put up the remainder of that bail for them. They can do this because they are guaranteed to get that money back (including the 10% put up by the individual) as long as that person makes all of their court appearances. It is a risk that the companies are willing to take, and it is something that has proven to be highly profitable for them over a number of years.

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