Aquarium Service Maintenance Tips 101

Aquarium Service Maintenance Tips 101


Just like any other system, hoping that an aquarium will continue functioning properly without proper maintenance is wishful thinking. Maintenance is needed to keep the fish healthy and to prevent the aquarium from being non-conducive to aquatic life. The YouTube video “Basic Aquarium Maintenance 101” provides tips on how to keep the aquarium functioning properly.

A basic maintenance procedure that should be conducted regularly is the water test. Check for ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate levels during the water test.

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Ammonia can be fatal at high levels for the fish. Hence, it’s critical to perform a water change when ammonia levels are high. Before the water change, a quick wipe-down of the aquarium is also recommended to displace algae buildup. This can also be sucked out during the water change.

It’s also essential to turn off the heater and filter before a water change. If a filter is left to dry during a water change, it might destroy the impeller. During a water change, it’s also important to ensure that the water being used to replace the water being disposed of is of the same temperature. Failing to do this could send the fish into shock and cause them to die. Overall, you could contact an aquarium service to conduct maintenance on your aquarium. They’ll be in a better position to handle it professionally.


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