Breaking Down the Basics of Your Patio Paving Service

Breaking Down the Basics of Your Patio Paving Service


A patio adds utility to a property’s exterior. It’s an extension of the home, creating a space to bask and entertain. This video goes over the process of restoring one to its original condition with some basic tools and a small budget. Those looking to install a patio in their yards can do it themselves or hire a patio paving service. For would-be DIYers, there are many tutorials out there that offer great information on paving.

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However, a patio paving service is likely the right option for most people. According to HomeAdvisor, the labor cost to install a patio is about $5 to $15, so one can expect to save $500 to $1500 on an average 100-square feet patio via DIY. Even so, a patio paving service saves time and can handle tricky or challenging situations such as slopes, proper drainage, leveling, design, hauling heavy materials, etc. It’s a surefire way of ensuring that the patio is built to an excellent standard and that the end product will stand the test of time.

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