Can Your Child Benefit from Learning a Second Language? The Answer May Surprise You!


Elementary school spanish curriculum

If you haven’t been exposed to or learning a second language since you were a young child, the acquisition of that language can be difficult. For the first eight years of a child’s life, they are more susceptible to picking up and learning the intricacies of a foreign language. For instance, if a child is born into a Spanish and English speaking household, they will learn and understand both languages as they grow up. But why is teaching Spanish important? Why start at such a young age?

Research shows that Spanish is the number two most spoken language in the entire world. There are over 380 million native Spanish speakers, a number that dwarfs the population of native English speakers. With so many people speaking Spanish in the world, the opportunities for an individual who is bilingual are practically endless. The world could not function without translators and teachers; two of the many career paths that involve speaking a foreign language.

A homeschool Spanish curriculum is one of the most beneficial tools that a parent can have. While many schools do have a preschool Spanish curriculum, most wait until children are over 10, at which point many critical grammar absorbing skills have lessened. The ideal time to start teaching a child a foreign language is before the age of six. At this point, they are learning new sounds and absorbing the rules of language like a sponge. It’s for this reason that a homeschool Spanish curriculum could be beneficial to you.

Even if your child never pursues a career as a translator or a foreign language teacher, the ability to understand and speak a foreign language can help in every day situations. Anywhere and everywhere you go, you will encounter people who speak a foreign language. If there’s a problem, or they need help, you could be a part of the solution.

Learning a foreign language isn’t about how much money your child will make in the future, it’s about enriching their lives with knowledge and connection to a different culture. Even starting with Spanish story books can be a great way to test the waters and expose your child to a new language. Don’t be afraid to encourage and celebrate foreign language with your child.

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