Change from a Hopeless Romantic into a Hopeful Romantic with This Dating Advice for Guys


Getting out of the friend zone

Look, we get it: dating can be a nightmare. What shirt should you wear? Where should you go? Is she actually into you, or is she just being friendly? While style advice and the choice of venue are a bit outside our scope, there are dating tips for men that we can offer. They’re no guarantee for helping you find success on online dating sites or in person, but they certainly will improve your chances of attracting women.

Tip #1: Act Like a Gentleman
Chivalry may very well be dead, but that doesn’t mean you need to act like a mindless oaf. As GQ Magazine writes, women love a man who still makes an effort to show off his manners when they’re out together. Holding the door, telling her she looks great when she clearly does, and offering you her arm as she tries to navigate stairs in high heels will go a very long way in earning you some brownie points. This is doubtlessly one of the simplest bits of dating advice for guys.

Tip #2: Be Realistic
For eHarmony, a well-known dating site with over 15 million users, it’s important to be realistic when you go on a date. Do you love her laugh but hate the fact that she’s obsessing about her ex-boyfriend? Are her eyes enchanting but the fact that she’s already talking about marriage and kids makes you want to run? You can’t realistically expect to be able to change the things you dislike about anybody, so don’t kid yourself. Enjoy your date, but don’t push it any farther than that.

Tip #3: Realize That Being Nervous is a Good Sign
Too many guides offering dating advice for guys claim that you need to be confident and not nervous. Well, truth be told, that advice is only half right. You should certainly come across as confident, but as points out, if you aren’t nervous, then you’re probably wasting your time. Butterflies are a sign that you actually care whether or not the date goes well, a clear marker of attraction. If you’re going into the date without a care in the world, do you really want to date this person?

Tip #4: Make an Effort
When women go out on dates, they make an effort to do their hair, wear a knockout outfit, and look their very best. As Men’s Health suggest, men need to act in kind when dating. No, it’s not okay to meet her for dinner with garlic breath, Alfalfa hair, and dirt under your nails. How hard would it be for you to brush your teeth, brush your hair, and wash your hands before dinner?

One thing you need to keep in mind is that all women, like all men, are different. The most important bit of dating advice for guys is to pay attention. Using these tips can help you achieve success with women, but they’ll only go so far if you aren’t paying attention to what your date likes and dislikes. Combine these tips with attentiveness, and watch your success with beautiful women skyrocket. Continue reading here:

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