Common Fixes For Your Air Conditioning

Common Fixes For Your Air Conditioning


The most common reason why an air conditioner does not turn on but the inside is working is the unit outside for a blown out capacitor. You can tell if you have a faulty capacitor with a voltmeter or simply check for any humming or spinning sounds. If present, but the fan is not working, most likely you have a capacitor problem. Consider air conditioning repair service.

Finding, Inspecting, and Replacing the Capacitor
After switching off power at the disconnect. Remove the service panel on you’re a/C and brush off dust and crap that might have buildup.

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Fix any wiring problem.

Locate the start capacitor, which is usually a silver, cylindrical object with several prongs on top. Check if the connection point on the prongs appear swollen or domed? If so, good news, the capacitor has blew and you’ll need to change it.

The next thing is to remove the capacitor – take note or a picture of where each wire connects and the right terminals. Remember the capacitor has leftover volts on the contact. So avoid touching anything metal or it will pop a fuse inside your furnace.

Look for Micro Farad Reading or UF rating. Plug your leads in and check the fan to ensure it is at four. Then check the compressor and it should read 35. Seek air conditioning repair service if you don’t trust your handy skills to change the capacitor yourself.


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