Comparing Private School vs Public School


The US has more than 33,000 private schools. Most of them, about 79%, are schools with a specific religious affiliation. There is an average of one teacher for every 16 children in public schools, while the average in private schools is one teacher for 12 students. Public schools, however, are much more racially diverse than the 90% white makeup of private schools. One of the biggest differences is that going to a private school costs the student’s family, and it can be quite expensive.

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The average tuition for private schools is just shy of $10,000. Public schools get their funding from tax revenue.

If there is a private school in your area that has a good curriculum and facility, check out the private school reviews online. These are generally written by the parents of students, but students can also write them. These will tell you what people thought of the facility, the staff, and the curriculum. In private schools, there is room in the curriculum for interesting cases and electives. Public schools must adhere more strictly to a curriculum that is set by the state. If you can’t afford private schools, find out which of them offers scholarships to deserving students.

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