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There are a number of programs for ministry studies, and many of them are also correspondence bible colleges in order to make it easier for laypeople with little time for traditional schooling. Some people feel God’s leading to get a Bible college degree or a degree in ministry after high school, while others do not feel such a calling until later in life. True Hope Bible Institute offers both Masters and Bachelors degrees in a number of disciplines related to ministry.

This correspondence Bible school offers classes and majors in Biblical Studies, Christian Ministries, Pastoral Ministries, Biblical Theology, Christian Doctrine, and Family Ministry, and their courses and college have been accredited since 2009. Acknowledged as a religious college by the state of Arkansas, True Hope Bible Institute only offers Bible college degrees and are not held to secular certification requirements. Another advantage to enrolling in this ministry college is that its status as a Religious College allows the institution to focus on its Bible college degrees, reducing the number of credits, the amount of time, and the price of this educational opportunity.

If you are looking to get a Bible college degree in order to become an ordained preacher, a lay minister, or missionary, True Hope Bible Institute has options for you. You first must decide where and how you’d like to serve, as there are special programs for planting churches, international ministry, youth ministry, teaching ministry, working with Christian nonprofit organizations, and the multitude of other options available. With a Bible college degree from True Hope Bible Institute, you will have the skills and experience in order to work efficiently within the religious community wherever you are.
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