Cutting with a Welding Torch for Beginners

Cutting with a Welding Torch for Beginners


A welding torch is a mechanical tool that fuses an open flame with gas fuel and oxygen to melt pieces of metal.

A welding torch is used in many industries. It consists of a long metal stem that is usually bent to an angle to the end in order for the welder to do an excellent job. The metal stem comprises two pipes including gas fuel and oxygen.

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It is attached to a fuel source by hose and it gives the welder a chance to adjust the mixing of fuel and oxygen. When the fuel and oxygen are all set up, the mixture can create a small blue flame.

When the flame reaches a temperature hot enough to melt metals like tin, aluminum, and steel. The welding torch is placed between two pipes of metal to create sparks as it heats the metals to their melting point. It will only take a few seconds to connect two metals. The flame is waved along with both metals, forming a strong bond.

Here are a few steps on how you can do it:
Turn on the fuel gas. You can use any starter like a lighter to heat it up and adjust your flame until the smoke is going away.

Turn the oxygen on slightly until the flame is starting to change until the flame produces a clean spike.

Put the torch into your material.

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