Do You Know How to Change a Clutch Plate?

Do You Know How to Change a Clutch Plate?


In the video “How to Change An Old Clutch Plate and Cleaning Pressure Plate”, they show you how to change an old clutch on a truck. Unless you are an experienced mechanic, it is better to hire a professional truck clutch service shop to do the job. The clutch plate allows the driver to change gears when driving a truck.

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Several problems with the clutch can cause the driver to not be able to switch gears. A worn clutch disc plate can wear on the pressure plate and cause serious mechanical problems.

When the springs on the pressure plate break or are damaged, the clutch will not work or you will not be able to shift gears at all. The clutch and clutch plate may overheat, causing parts to warp and cause further damage. A worn clutch can cause further damage to your pressure plate. If your clutch and plate are installed incorrectly, this can cause wear and damage too. A professional truck clutch service shop can diagnose a faulty clutch and plate and repair it properly. They have the knowledge and tools to do the job professionally and resolve the problem with your truck. They can diagnose the cause of a slipping clutch and know how to bleed a clutch when needed.

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