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21 million Americans attended colleges in 2014. With some many people attending college, a bachelors degree just isn’t what it used to be in today’s economy. High-paying jobs have become harder and harder to come by, and if don’t have a master’s degree or higher, you could be stuck at an entry-level job for most of your career. A 2012 Pew Research survey found that employees who have a bachelor?s degree earned $45,500 a year on average, while people with only some college or a high-school diploma earned less than $30,000 on average. College graduates in American earn around $32.60 an hour on average. With the cost of living in America ever increasing, it’s becoming more and more vital to maximize your earnings potential. Adult education could be just the thing your career is missing.

If you don’t have a degree or have a degree in a low-paying field, it might be time to consider adult education. Degrees such as a medical laboratory science masters can bring your skill set into the 21st century. A masters in medical laboratory science could enable you to work as a medical technician, with maximum earnings potential of six figures. If you only have a bachelors degree, you know how difficult it can be to find high-paying jobs. What can a masters degree do for you?

Consider this: entry-level medical technology fields such as cardiac stenography have an average starting salary of $68,000, but require a degree such as a medical laboratory science masters. With America’s population aging rapidly, the need for medical technicians has never been higher. Americans over 65 years of age represented only 14.1% of the American population in 2013, but this number is expected to grow to 21.7% in the next twenty five years. With so many aging Americans soon to be in need of regular health care, adult education or a masters degree could be just the thing you need to get ahead in the ever changing economy.

Don’t get left behind with your bachelors degree; after all, it is said that a bachelors degree has become simply the new high school degree. Can you afford not to go back to school?

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