Drilling a Water Well

Drilling a Water Well


Water well is very important. A water well is just like any home that needs a water source – it’s a necessity.

Perhaps, you’re considering a water well drilling service. That’s why in this blog, you will know about the water well process and other things to know.

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1. Using a Drill bit

The drill bit is larger in diameter. It creates a slightly larger hole so the metal pipe and casing will go down.

2. Metal Pipe

Water Well drilling services also use a metal pipe. It is the casing that sticks up above the ground to keep the groundwater out.

3. Removing of First Drilling Head

You have to remove the first drilling head.

4. Casing Placing

This is to ensure that the groundwater does not get into the well.

5. Bentonite Clay

This is used to apply and seal around the casing. It’s like gravel when it’s dry, but begins to swell up once mixed with water.

6. Drilling Process

When the drilling process starts, you can hear the drill rig’s pounding action. It rotates, pulverizes, and pounds its way through the rock for about 2-3 feet down.

7. Hit Groundwater

When you hit the groundwater, the air being pumped down could cause the water to rise.

8. Finishing Up

Once hitting the water is successful and the well is about 146 meters deep, you can call it a day.


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