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Finding Good Schools in Your Area

Finding Good Schools in Your Area


A good education is the key to any child’s future success, and this means that when a family moves to a new area or when the child becomes old enough for preschool, the parents are going to conduct a search. With a combination of looking online and visiting schools in person, they can narrow down a long list of local schools to find the best preschools or best day schools for their child. For example, a Kendall art school in Miami-Dade county could be found with a search such as “best kendall art schools nearby” or “kendall art school” and add the local ZIP code. Parents can choose between private schools or public ones, or even both, and find a school that offers the right programs for their child. How might this be done?

Finding Local Preschools

While it is not mandatory for American children to attend preschool, there are many advantages of going to pre-K programs like these, and more families than ever before are sending their children aged three to five to preschool. In fact, the enrollment rate for preschools rose rapidly from 1990 to 2000, and by now, over half of all children in this age range are taking part in pre-K programs. In 2015, for example, 87% of all American children aged five were enrolled at preschools across the nation. A preschool is not just a day care center; it is a dedicated academic setting where young students will learn how to learn and get used to following teacher directions, and take part in extra curricular activities as well. Private preschools are privately funded and run, hence the name, and offer excellent staff and a well-supplied campus in exchange for charging tuition for the families of students. This is an appealing option for parents who can afford this, and for other families, a well-funded and highly rated public preschool can be a solid alternative.

As for finding these schools, looking online is the best place to start if the parents don’t already have some references to work with. The search query ought to be fairly specific, especially in a large city such as Miami or Boston, and the search can specify whether the parents want to find public or private preschools (or even both). Entering the city name and the local ZIP code can also help keep results local, and (especially for public preschools) the parents can type in “best” or “top rated” to find the best-regarded schools nearby.

Doing this will result in a whole list of schools nearby, and once the parents strike out unsuitable ones, they can compile a short list of promising preschools and tour them one by one. By visiting in person, the parents can get a fair impression of what each school is like, and interview the staff to review the school’s funding and programs, not to mention the credentials of each teacher working there. During repeat visits, the parents are encouraged to bring their child along, so that youngster can form their own impression of the school, and the parents can ensure they send their child to a school they’ll like.

Beyond Preschool

Meanwhile, it is certainly mandatory for children to attend elementary, middle, and high school, and a fairly similar process can be used to find these schools, too. Not to mention how older children can be enrolled at special schools or programs, ranging from an online search for “kendall art school” to finding summer camp or the like. While visiting K-12 schools, the parents can also try to find a school that offers clubs, activities, or programs their child will like, such as a dedicated art program, a science and engineering program, certain sports teams, a marching band, or even a well-supplied computer lab. Older children, such as those looking for a high school, can take an active role in meeting and interviewing the staff at local schools, which can make the search easier.

Finally, parents are urged to find a school that can accommodate any special needs their child has, such as if the child has a learning disability or any other handicaps. All children are entitled to a good education, after all, so a school with proper accommodations or special-ed classes is a must for them.

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