Four Benefits Of a Baking Background


Culinary school

For those who never had the promise of a college education, the benefits of your chosen major may be the most important to you. After all, if you?re going to pursue your passion you want to assure yourself that your passion is worth it in the business world. So what are the benefits to receiving a professional education in the culinary arts?


A bachelor?s degree will take you far, but it will also take you far into debt. The average bachelor?s degree (whether at a culinary school or otherwise) can cost up to $127,000 while in contrast, a technical career institute will cost you an average of $33,000. A technical career institute will not only cost you $94,000 less but will provide you with the education you need for an entry-level culinary job.


Choosing to go to a baking and pastry college in order to enhance and hone your skills as a pastry chef is a wonderful idea, but a higher culinary education is also beneficial for networking. Any skilled chef may hit rock bottom in the culinary world if they don?t have the right connections to help them get on their feet, so for a chef without any professional experience it may very well be impossible. A technical career institute will give you the networking you would receive at any number of culinary schools for a third of the price.


It?s easy to say you?ll learn to do something eventually or that you?ll teach yourself a certain skill, but actually learning it is the difficult part. At a technical career institute, you?ll not only hone that discipline, but you?ll finally be building your resume with the skills you?ve been meaning to perfect.

Job opportunities

Job opportunities tend to increase the more education you have depending on your focus. The same is true for the culinary arts — according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for culinary specialists is said to increase by 9% in the next ten years. A higher education may not guarantee you a job in the future, but it opens more jobs of potential employment and, in a questionable job market, it?s best to have as many doors open as possible.

Because of the price of college, higher education may seem like a questionable choice especially when it comes to culinary schools. But it?s important to consider your options. A technical career institute is a third of the price of college but has just as much essence to it to open the doors you need for your career as a pastry chef.

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