Giving Employees Better, More Convenient Child Care On-Site — Rewards and Costs of Employer Sponsored Child Care


Corporate childcare

One of the most important things about having a job people like is that they put in more effort into it, take more responsibility for their quality of work, remain more engaged and satisfied and in general provide better performance. An an employer, you are likely to always be looking at different ways in which to make things better for your employees. A satisfied, focused base of employees is essential to optimum performance and the overall future of your company, and this is one reason why employers all over the world try to provide as many extra facilities and perks to their employees as they can.

One of the major burdens on employees that have children is proper child care. Being a working parent can be difficult on many fronts, but one of the most important worries for a working father or mother is that their child receives the proper care during their absence. This is why, parents spend a lot of resources for expert managed child care in America.

This presents an interesting consideration for employers. Instead of having your employees bear the financial burden of child care, along with the additional mental burden of always being concerned about the well-being of their children and being distracted as a result, you can provide your employees with a simple solution that would be of immediate benefit to them and can also bring you a number of positives. The solution is to provide employer sponsored child care benefits.

Employer sponsored child care programs can take a lot of burden off the shoulders of your employees. They would no longer have to worry about finding a daycare and paying for it, but can have the peace of mind knowing that their children are situated at an on-site corporate childcare center, and well cared for. This can have a number of tangible and intangible advantages in the long run.

Advantages for Employees

When the company bears the costs of employer sponsored child care, one of the most immediate benefits to employees is the reduced cost of child care that they themselves have to bear. Corporate childcare solutions work in a certain way — the employer subsidizes or sponsors an on-site daycare center exclusively for the children of employees. In a situation where typically about 90% of the cost of child care is borne by parents, this can present itself as a major cost saving factor while also ensuring quality child care.

Employees who are parents can also minimize distractions in such an arrangement, as they have the constant knowledge that their children are being attended to nearby in an on-site facility. This can improve their peace of mind, aid in focus and increase overall performance.

Benefits for Employers

The rewards can very well justify the costs of employer sponsored child care in many ways. To start off with, it can make you a more attractive employment prospect for your employees, as you would be offering them a very pleasant solution to an immediate and significant problem. Child care costs can easily become a burden for employees, and by subsidizing child care, you can take this burden off them making yourself a more viable employment option. This can also reduce employee turnover significantly.

Moreover, bearing the costs of employer sponsored child care can have other very important benefits for your company. By removing the usual headaches and concerns regarding child care, you can end up with employees who are more focused, have better concentration and deliver better performance as a whole. Providing on-site child care can also drastically reduce absenteeism, shorten the duration of maternity leaves for employees and encourage greater loyalty to the company by adding value to life at the workplace.

In short, the rewards might just overshadow the costs of employer sponsored child care for you. Having an on-site daycare center for the children of employees might involve more expenditure, but the returns can actually benefit your company in the long terms in many ways. You can have a focused, driven group of employees that take the company dreams forward without worries.

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