Having Trouble Attracting Women? These Tips Are for You


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Are you having trouble attracting women? Are you tired of buying drinks and being the nice guy only to be turned down at every pass? If you are, you should know that you aren’t alone. Finding success with women is far more difficult than it can often seem. However, with these three tips for attracting women — three proven tips that actually consider what makes a man attractive to women — you’ll never have to worry about it again.

Three Fail-Proof Tips for Attracting Women

  1. Keep It Simple
  2. As Psychology Today so astutely suggests, attracting women shouldn’t be some complex game. You shouldn’t need to send over drinks or flirt with her friends to make her jealous. Instead, you need to keep it simple. The best tactic? Wait until she approaches you –yes, women do approach men. When she’s close enough for you to speak to her quietly, simply say “hello.” You don’t need to over-complicate things with all that male posturing garbage you see on other lists of dating tips for men. Keep things simple.

  3. Confidence Kills
  4. Ask any woman what she finds sexiest about a man and you’re bound to hear “confidence” as the answer. As AskMen.com writes, women don’t like men who have no idea what they want, nor do they like men who are too afraid to make an effort. If you’re constantly asking yourself “why dont women like me,” then ask yourself this: are you confident or nervous when you approach them?

  5. Be Playful but Don’t Overdo It
  6. Have you ever heard that cliched line about women loving men who make them laugh? There’s a reason for that. According to WayTooSocial.com, women find humor and the men who bring it to them extremely sexy. When you approach the woman you’re interested in, tell some jokes, flirt, and show her that you can keep her interested with your rapier wit. That being said, watch her body language. If she doesn’t like your style of humor, back off.

If you’re tired of approaching women only to have them laugh in your face, start using these tips. While they’re no guarantee of your success, they’ll at least increase your chances of attracting women. This is a great source for more: www.themodernman.com

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