Here are the Top Five Facts That You Need to Know About MBA Programs


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If you are thinking about getting into affordable online mba programs and you are in need of a military tuition assistance program, here are a few facts that you need to know before you start looking at schools.

1. According to a recent survey by the Distance Education and Training Council, which is also referred to as the DETC, more than 70 percent of corporate supervisors rated the value of a distance or online degree as just as valuable or more valuable than traditional degrees in the same field. Keep this in mind as you are looking for online MBA programs rankings and VA approved programs.

2. The cost of online mba degree programs can also vary wildly depending on the program you enroll in. Tuition and fees can range from as little as 3,000 dollars per year to as much as 30,000 dollars per year or more. Do not be afraid to shop around and find the schools that offer the best tuition assistance.

3. You should always keep in mind that a higher price tag does not always equal a better education. Some schools simply charge more than others. However, remember that it can also be possible to get access to better and larger scholarships and military tuition assistance programs at bigger schools. So do not be afraid to shop around a bit.

4. The GPA of an applicant can be evaluated many different ways depending upon the school. The median GPA for applicants admitted into top business schools is approximately 3.5, though it can be quite a lot higher.

5. There are many online schools and campus based institutions that give students the option of earning an MBA degree online. Many schools also offer a hybrid MBA where students attend class once per week and the rest is online. This can be great for those who need to keep a full time job while going to class full time.

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