Hot Water Heater Repairs Can Keep Your Family Comfortable

Hot Water Heater Repairs Can Keep Your Family Comfortable


In this video, you will learn how to fix a hot water heater that does not produce any hot water step by step. The most common reason this happens is that one of the coils/ elements may have gone bad. To start, turn off the water heater switch at the breaker panel or unplug the water heater from the socket.

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Open the top and bottom panels of the water heater. You will need to remove the plates to expose some insulation. Under it, look to see and remove the plastic cover plastic. If you notice moisture on the insulation cover, then that’s not a good sign. It means there must be a thermostat that has water dripping out. First, use a voltmeter or tester to test that the power is turned off with the red and black wires.
Continue to test and see that the coils are still working well. For this, use a voltmeter’s positive and negative probes and put them up against the heating element. This will help you to know if the heating element has a standard resistance level.
The video continues with additional steps to fix this hot water heater. Keep watching to learn how to fix one.

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