How Are Potatoes Usually Stored?

How Are Potatoes Usually Stored?


Potatoes can outlive most fruits and vegetables in any pantry, but eventually, they start to sprout, making them lose their flavor and freshness. Potatoes can stay fresh for several weeks and even months when stored properly. Depending on the size of the harvest, farmers can contact a potato storage company or properly store the potatoes themselves. How should potatoes be stored to avoid sprouting and losing freshness?

According to the narrator in the video, storing potatoes starts with harvesting.

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They should be harvested with a fork, but the harvester should lift them carefully to avoid damaging the skin. Any skin damage means they can’t be stored for long.
Next, is curing the potatoes by placing them in the sun for a couple of hours, followed by moving them into a dark room for about five days.

Finally, the potatoes must be stored. There are a couple of ways farmers can do this, with the easiest being piling them in a hessian sack. However, farmers can boost their lifespan by sandwiching them in dry leaves or hay inside a tray or carton.

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