How Can You Learn To Stripe a Parking Lot On Your Own

How Can You Learn To Stripe a Parking Lot On Your Own


When parking lot lines cannot be seen clearly, people will drive over them and unintentionally damage their tires, bump the curbs, etc. Below are some steps of repairing this issue as discussed in the video ‘Striping a parking lot yourself with fire lanes’:

Clean the Surface

Cleaning is an important start that needs to be addressed before any work can occur. The faded lines in place may not be visible with just a sweeping of the lines, so marking them off will ensure they are visible.

Draw Chalk Lines

Draw chalk lines for the correct boundary layout during parking lot line striping. Start by positioning a piece of wood on the ground.

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This is followed by drawing lines with your chalk. Make sure that the lines are straight and parallel.

Adjust the Spraying Nozzle

There is a need to adjust the pen nozzle before making any lines. If not, the line markings will be smooth and faded, or even completely unseen to drivers, which can have very dangerous consequences in parking lots.

Draw a Fire Line

The need for fire lines is crucial when doing construction in a parking lot. It ensures that the pavement’s structural integrity will remain intact.
Business owners should look at their parking lot and check for faded or unseen lines that make it difficult for customers and employees to find an open spot.

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