How Do BRACES FIX Overbites?

How Do BRACES FIX Overbites?


When it comes to your teeth, for most people, the primary function is the least of their worries. A lot of people want a smile that looks fantastic, and that’s why more and more adults are looking towards adult orthodontics services for help with their crooked teeth. One issue that many adults have is trying to fix overbite issues. An overbite is when the top teeth push out past the bottom teeth, creating a look where the front teeth protrude much farther than the lower.

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This also causes real issues where eating can start to become an issue. Most adults who are looking for adult teeth straightening are reluctant at first, but once they find that there are orthodontic clinics that offer orthodontic services to adults, it becomes simples to tackle. How braces fix overbite issues is dependant on the damage and the age of the patient. How most techniques work is by attaching a bracket or rubber band to the lower teeth, you can drag the lower teeth forward to match the upper teeth, which also helps with people who have weak chins.

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