How Does Horizontal Directional Drilling Work?

How Does Horizontal Directional Drilling Work?


This video shows how horizontal directional drilling applies in boring holes for cables, pipelines, and other purposes. Horizontal directional drilling uses a rig to drill horizontal holes through rock or other material. A drilling rig rotates to drill in the horizontal direction using rotary bits in combination with a drill string.

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The drill string rotates as it moves forward through the hole. The bit cuts through rock while in contact with the surface. The drill guide allows you to change the direction of drilling in your spot. The concept is to drill a hole in a straight line through rock or other materials.

The horizontal directional drilling process involves using a long rod with a small bit attached at one end and a set of drill collars at the other end. The rod pushes through the rock until it reaches the desired length and starts turning around its axis. The rotation progresses until it reaches the other side, depending on the size of the hole. The main benefit of horizontal directional drilling is that it does not require special training. Anyone can learn to use this tool by reading online tutorials or watching videos.

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