How Industrial Insulation Blankets Are Made

How Industrial Insulation Blankets Are Made


Watch this video to understand the industrial insulation blanket manufacturing process. Worth pointing out is that the process is not as simple as it appears. Besides the design phase, industrial insulation blanket manufacturers must ensure that the blanket fits the parts accordingly.

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They should also master the screws, brackets, and additional protrusions available. Industrial insulation blanket manufacturers are also tasked with choosing suitable materials. A removable industrial insulation blanket is divided into different parts. The exterior protective cover or the cold face shields the insulation from environmental elements.

The insulation mat is one-inch thick fiberglass that provides heat containment. The thickness varies between half an inch to four inches, based on the application’s heat reduction amount. The inner layer, or the hot face, holds the insulation mat in place while acting as a deterrent to shield the insulation mat from seeping fluid.

An industrial insulation blanket is versatile, and manufacturers can customize it to fit a wide range of equipment in different applications. They are often used to insulate industrial machinery, exhaust systems, and engine components.

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