How Its Made  Industrial Glass!

How Its Made Industrial Glass!


Ever wonder how you got that absolutely perfect pane of glass in your window or frameless shower door? How on earth so we manufacture industrial glass at such a high rate, and how is it so perfectly shaped? Well, I’m here to tell you that the process is simply beautiful to watch. This video shows a step by step of how glass is formed, melted, and shaped to the perfect rectangles you see in your very own home. Who knew home construction could be so mesmerizing, right?

The process used to produce industrial glass is called the float glass process. This is when the ingredients to make the glass are stored in giant silos and subsequently funnelled into the glass factory via chutes and tubes.

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They are mixed and colored here as well, before they are flowed into the shaped chutes where they will harden into the rectangles we all know and love. Watching the hot glass flowing is like witnessing a tiny lava slide, and I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to watch it flow forever. Next time you see a window, remember that it was once a bunch of raw materials in a silo somewhere!


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