How to Be More Resilient in Your Life

How to Be More Resilient in Your Life


Resilience is the ability to handle life’s inevitable difficulties with a positive attitude and a sense of humor. In this video, you’ll learn practical, everyday tips and strategies on how to be more resilient in life.

The first thing to know about resilience is that suffering is part of life. If you look at social media, you’ll find many causes of pain, sadness, or fear.

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Humans naturally avoid things that cause discomfort. However, by embracing the reality of suffering, you can live fully in the present moment.

Also, to become resilient, you must make conscious choices about spending your time and money. There’s no point in complaining about suffering if you’re not willing to do anything to help ease it. You choose to focus on the negative aspects of the world or direct your attention toward positive change.

Many people feel powerless over their lives because they don’t know where to begin. When you’re feeling hopeless, helpless, and lost, you can get angry and depressed. These emotions make you vulnerable to others. Hence, you can only gain the power to create meaningful change in your lives by acting instead of reacting.


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