How to Best Use Hose Clamps

How to Best Use Hose Clamps


If you’ve been noticing fluid leaks under your car, chances are good there might be a problem with your engine’s hose clamps. Old-style stainless steel hose clamps have many useful applications, but, as you’ve seen in the video linked here, they can easily loosen up when an engine heats up or cools down. When that happens, fluid leaks can become a common occurrence.

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So what can you do? Your best bet is to get a constant tension stainless steel hose clamp. These clamps keep a tight grip on the hoses underneath your car’s hood, but they also have a built-in spring that accounts for your engine’s temperature fluctuations.

This new style of stainless steel hose clamp can be easily installed in tight places and will stop unwanted leaks from happening. They’re inexpensive, easy-to-use, and will keep your car performing in peak condition. Bottom line: if you need to use a stainless steel hose clamp for any kind of work involving your car, you need to make sure you have the right clamps for the job.


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