How to Handle a Child Custody Case

How to Handle a Child Custody Case


Child custody cases arise often as divorce becomes more common. American couples are divorcing at a rate between 40% and 50%, resulting in these cases. The tips outlined in this video suggest what not to do in your child custody case.

A child custody lawyer will advise you on how to proceed in this process but it can be incredibly personal. One mistake that people make is not allowing the opposing side to see the children.

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Unless there is a real danger of harm coming to the children, it is important to compromise.

Try to avoid being too disparaging of the other parent. This does not reflect well on your character and can make a better case against you in the case for guardianship. A divorce attorney will say that being negative with the children about the other parent can end up as evidence in court.

Be honest about everything, and make sure any allegations can be substantiated. These are serious matters that can impact a case for your side. And always be an active part of your children’s lives. If this is important to you, make it a priority. These cases should not be treated as a battle against your former partner.

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