How to Install a Central Vacuum System in Your Home

How to Install a Central Vacuum System in Your Home


There are various advantages of a central vacuum system, as seen in this video. Planning the process and the layout ahead of time plays a vital role in a successful vacuum installation process. Before embarking on the installation process, individuals should establish where exactly to fit the inlets to enhance their durability and reduce the cost of the whole system.

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According to experts, installers should measure approximately thirty feet from each planned installation area. Install as many inlets as possible to ensure every crevice and corner is easily vacuumed. The vacuum installation process involves just a few simple steps that anyone can complete on their own!

Start by identifying and installing the power equipment in the garage, basement, or other secluded areas.
Install inlet valves across the home. These can be on the floor or wall mounted, depending on your preference.

Drive plastic piping from the inlet valves through to the power unit. The tubing running through the floors and walls transports dirt to a collection container fixed in the power equipment. Central vacuum installation is easy to install in new buildings where fitting in the tubing is easy. Thankfully, this installation can be easily adapted to many existing homes.


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