How to know your child Is ready for preschool


Every child develops at their own unique pace. As parents, you want to know when it’s the right time for big milestones, though. Starting preschool is definitely a big milestone for kids. It’s the parent’s responsibility to know if their child is ready to take this step or not. Let’s look at some ways to know your child is ready to start local preschools.

Potty Trained

This is a big one and it’s something that’s required by most preschools. In order to register for most local preschools, you’ll need to be able to prove the child is potty trained. This is because the staff for preschool classes are not required to change diapers. Preschool classes would focus on learning activities rather than this level of care. If your child isn’t potty trained due to developmental issues, you might want to consider preschools that provide special care.

Age Appropriate Independence

Although every kid is different, most local preschools are looking for a certain level of independence. This means that the child functions on their own for some basic tasks. The child can walk by themselves, communicate, solve minor problems, and emotionally regulate themselves while away from parents or caregivers. Most children at this age should also be expected to feed themselves reasonably.

Age Appropriate Cooperation

By the time they’re in preschool, children should be able to effectively communicate with others their age. They should be kind and open to sharing their toys. This is something that many local preschools will work on with the students. It is important to work with your child independently and ensure they’re ready to collaborate and learn with other children their age.


It’s also important that children can communicate when starting preschool. This is often necessary for many of the learning activities that are done and it’s also important for the child’s safety. You want your child to be able to communicate to you problems they might be having at school.

According to the Council for American Private Education, there are 34,576 private schools in the United States, serving 5.7 million PK-12 students. Private schools account for 25% of the nation’s schools and enroll 10% of all PK-12 students. If you’re considering private preschools for your child’s education, please contact us today. We are here to help you and your child on their educational journey.

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