How To Start A Welding Career

How To Start A Welding Career


If you’re looking for a hands-on job, a welding career may be right for you. Welding can be an extremely lucrative career path. Top-notch welders, who put a lot of effort into their craft, can make upwards of 125k a year. Not many people realize welding can come with a six-figure salary! Still, there’s more to welding than just the paycheck.

In the most basic sense, a welder’s job is to melt two things together. Those things can be as large as car parts, or as small as a circuit board.

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There’s a large variety in what a welder can do, and that opens the doors for a lot of innovation and welding career paths.

In addition to that, there are several benefits to becoming a welder. The first of which is that a career in welding doesn’t require any formal education. You can start right out of high school if you’re determined to learn how to weld. While there are some areas of the United States that have more job availability for welders, it’s possible to find a welding job in any area of the country. For these reasons and more, welding is a great way to kick-start your life and career.


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