How To Tell If You Need Roof Repair Services

How To Tell If You Need Roof Repair Services


Any homeowner with a shingle roof should be aware of potential problems that could occur with their roof. Even if your roof is fairly new, you could need roof repair services if the roofers didn’t install the shingles correctly. In the video posted here, the host shows how to inspect a shingle roof for potential installation problems that could necessitate repair.

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Your first sign that your roof is in need of roof repair services is missing shingles. You may see shingles on the ground around your home if they have been blown off by gusts of wind. If you’re lucky, these belong to a neighboring property. If you’re unlucky, your roof is missing some shingles.

Your roof needs to be inspected periodically whether or not you find shingles on the ground. Using a pry bar or gloved hands, you should be able to check the shingles for loose areas. Simply pull up from the bottom of the shingles gently to see if they hold in place as they should. If you find that you have individual shingles or whole rows of shingles that aren’t nailed down properly, you can seal them as instructed in the video.

While you’re on your roof, look for exposed roofing nails, too. Exposed nails can become loose after years of windy weather. Once they loosen, they can allow water to seep under the shingles. Just like other parts of your roof, these nails can be sealed.

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