How to Use Thermistors

How to Use Thermistors


In this video, the creator uses an automobile coolant temperature sensor to demonstrate how thermistors work. A thermistor is, on a very basic level, simply a temperature sensor. Here’s how thermistors can be used.

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There are two primary types of thermistors, a positive resistance temperature and a negative resistance temperature. The devices are typically made of a ceramic or polymer coating with two wires.


Depending on the termistor type and its reaction coefficient, this device can be used to measure a number of things. In this video, the original intention of procureing the device was to measure for an experiment on water boiling. The creator of the video used his thermistor to determine whether cold or hot water boils faster.


Most commonly, a thermistor is used to field signals within mechanical or electrical devices. In this video, we see how thermistors can be used in computers to signal that the internal fan should be engaged. Depending on the thermistor’s reaction coefficient and resistance type, it can be used in many ways.

If you’re interested in building electronics or understanding how equipment works, knowing what a thermistor is and how it can be used can make a huge difference. Even if you’re simply looking to conduct some at-home experiments like this video’s creator, a thermistor can be a great tool for you to consider. Learn more by watching the video now!


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