Hydraulic Elevators 101

Hydraulic Elevators 101


This video helps you familiarize with how hydraulic elevators work. Elevators are a modern convenience that we take granted for every day. Hydraulic elevators are a type of elevator that are powered by a piston travelling inside of a cylinder.

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They are distinctly different from those types of elevators with overhead hoisting machinery.

By watching the video, you’ll get an up close look at how hydraulic elevators operate. The introduction outlines the protocol that’s followed when something goes wrong with. For the most part, the procedure for emergencies is pretty simple and does not raise any safety issues. For instance, if occupants get trapped inside a hydraulic elevator, emergency services will respond by switching off the elevator disconnect to power down the elevator. The elevator is then slowly lowered down to the bottom floor.

Overall, and as seen in the video, hydraulic elevator rescue is a pretty simple and safe procedure. It’s not unheard of for people to want to get rescued from elevators and in some instances it’s easy to panic if you think you’re trapped. The video shows the truth that there are always professionals working behind the scenes to make things right. These professionals know how hydraulic elevators work, so you’re always in safe hands.


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