Is Full Day Private Preschool Right For Your Child?


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You have probably done a lot of research, as a parent, when it comes time to enroll your child into school. You have probably asked many questions, including at what age should you enroll your child into school? Should your child jump right into a full day and full year school program? Does it really matter what school your child starts out at? Will your child?s preschool and elementary program make a difference to the college that they get into? Will the school shape your child? Is private school really better than the public school system? These are all normal questions, but it may seem very overwhelming when you are attempting to make the best decision for your child.

The type of education that your child receives early on can play a role in their later on school success and even their rate of acceptance into the college of their choice. When a child receives quality education early on, they learn to make it a priority in their lives. They learn to value the quality of an education and they work for much of their educational lives to be accepted into a quality college. As adults, participants who had gone to preschool were more likely to complete a higher degree of education and go to college than those who had not gone to preschool. Even a quality preschool education can transfer into further educational learning. It does not seem to matter if it is full day preschool or half day preschool.

The best preschool program for your child will be one that they are comfortable with and one that they are able to work on their educational and social skills. The access to preschool at an early age encourages independence and social skills. When they are taught at this early age, the child tends to foster them and increase these skills throughout their entire education. Full day preschool may be ideal for children who are already independent and do not require as much care. However, pushing a child into full day preschool that is not ready could have the opposite effect on the child. The child may back down and not be willing to participate in daily full day preschool activities. The importance of childhood education requires preparation, planning and individual child planning. What works for one child, may not work for another.

It may be tempting to hold off for private school until the child is much older in order to save money. However, studies show that even enrolling a child into a private preschool program has benefits. The child is exposed to a caring and educational focused program early on. Once these priorities and values are instilled into them at a young age, they tend to hold onto them for their upcoming school years. Students who attend private schools generally have higher rates of graduation and acceptance into college.
There are actually many advantages to full day preschool and advantages of private schools. One of the main advantages of private preschools is that schools and classes tend to be much smaller, which not only nurtures a sense of belonging and community, but also allows children to receive more individualized attention than they would in a public school. This is important in creating a priority and educational focus. Private schools allow children to value and take pride in their educational goals. Additionally, many private schools also offer their students summer programs, including a summer camp to keep their lessons in tact during the long summer break months.

Parents make a lot of important decisions when it comes to their child?s education. School is important, as it teaches the child many lessons and a sense of independence. It also teaches them social skills that will be necessary for the future. Private schools offer many benefits and these benefits can be seen even at the preschool level. More children who attended private preschool programs are accepted and complete college degrees. They are provided with the necessary education and skills that help them to succeed.

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