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A kla summer camp is a summer camp for kids where the focus is learning through a developmentally appropriate program that encourages children’s ideas as well as their opinions and participation in learning. This approach to learning is implemented in many early education facilities such as day care centers, child care facilities, pre kindergarten classes, and summer programs that provide early education and development.

At a kla summer camp children’s own attributes and talents are recognized and enhanced, while new talents and abilities are encouraged and strengthened. Skill and confidence are built through this program, enabling children to move forward into subsequent programs and grades where their talents and opinions will be honed and will prosper. The core of the kla concept is the natural curiosity of a child along with the talents and qualities that are born into them. Their enthusiasm is reinforced, as is their determination, and they go through the process of learning by planning and taking hold of the decision making process.

Kla learning also complements the process of learning through reading. Any subject that a child is curious about or interested in can be found as fun information on the written pages of a book. A kla summer camp uses a program that includes activities that teach different skills, both academic and social. Children play outdoors, learning to play together through free play and as a team. They play indoors, participating in many fun projects and exercises that include dancing, singing, storytelling, and arts and crafts. Each exercise provides them with the fun they like, but also with an important academic or life lesson.

Statistics show that two-thirds of four year old preschoolers in the United States are now attending some type of preschool program. Many day care and child care centers provide year round care, some becoming a kla summer camp during the summer months. Fun exercises teach children numbers by using every day items or household elements. They learn to count without even realizing that they are working toward a goal. They are learning shapes by pointing out the furniture and toys that surround them. Daily components are excellent teachers! To the children, it begins as a fun activity that quickly ushers them into that feeling of self-confidence when they realize they just counted to 20 for the first time, or that they know how to recognize an pentagon.

A good preschool or child care program has been proven to be an excellent boost for children in preparation for kindergarten and their subsequent school years. A study of over 14,000 children attending kindergarten has showed that those who attended a preschool or day care that offered an academic curriculum had higher math and pre-reading scores. Other statistics have shown over the years that children who attended preschool are more likely to attend college after high school graduation than children who did not attend preschool.

Many camps for kids nowadays do offer academics that blend in with camp structure. Along with outdoor activities and sports that are an important part of warmer weather activities, children also take part in activities that sharpen their reading, math, and even science skills. Some of the activities included in a typical camp schedule are arts and crafts, music, dancing, painting and sculpture, sports and movement, cooking and baking, swimming, theater, field trips, and sensory exploration. A very full schedule!

When parents who have chosen to send their children to a kla summer camp, or any summer camp, are preparing their kids for their summer of fun, there are certain items important to send with them each day. Children should have a backpack or tote bag in which they put several items they will need throughout the day. Typically, they will need a towel, a change of clothes, sunglasses, sunhat, bug spray, and sunscreen. A good suggestion is also rain gear for the days when the weather is more on the gray side.

Social skills are also a part of camp preparation. For the little ones who are embarking on the camp experience for the first time, reinforcing the social graces will help them to feel more comfortable as they adjust to the camp environment. Practicing words such as please and thank you will make all the difference in their camp experience.

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