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Reference videos

A generation ago, finding reference materials meant going to your local library and navigating its dusty shelves, only to find that your best source was an encyclopedia from the days of the Coolidge presidency. Although the quality of the library often depended upon where you lived, finding appropriate reference material was significantly more difficult in those days than it is today. Of course, this is obvious. And when it came to reference videos, they were almost unheard of. While reference videos did exist, they were usually in the form of VHS tapes, and the material for which reference videos were available was quite limited. Of course, that has all changed with the internet and free online video websites.

Today, it is easy to find a reference video on almost anything. Thus, the internet has actually become the best teacher one could ever hope for. One only has to sit down at a computer, access one of the popular online video websites, type Swedish massage, and enter. Instantly, the web user will find 1001 reference videos on Swedish message. A web user can do the same exact thing and learn how to do calligraphy, milk a cow, shift a super 10 semi, string a nylon string guitar, brush up on sales skills, and everything else under the sun. What is most surprising about online reference videos is that many of them are actually good. In fact, they are so good that it almost makes a parent wonder if they would be better offer teaching their children through reference videos as opposed to some clueless classroom teacher. While that may not be fair to the majority of teachers, the point is that reference videos make learning fun, fast, and easy.

Online reference video are resources that have been around for several years now. However, it seems that they are still a largely untapped resource. Although online reference videos may not be good enough to take over for classroom teachers, they seem like they would be an excellent learning tool for students who might be struggling in school. Regardless of the way online reference videos are used, they provide a fast, easy, and cheap way to learn almost anything.

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